Gauge Exclusive Patterns

Gauge Exclusive patterns are designs that we have written for the use of our customers with yarns that we carry and that have inspired us. For a more searchable list where you can add filters and custom sorts, please check out our shop page on Ravelry.


 Pattern Name



Yarn Used

Ravelry Link

Norito Scarf Norito Knit Scarf (Worsted) Ito
Not Woven Cowl Not Woven Knit Cowl (Worsted) Cairns Pattern Page
Splash Scarf Splash Scarf Knit Scarf (Worsted) Splash or Splash ***


We do our best to tech edit, test make, and catch all the mistakes we can, but we hope you will understand if a little one sneaks through by chance. This list will always have the most up-to-date version of the pattern. To be notified if any changes are made, be sure add it to your Ravelry Library.