La Brea

La Brea


DK weight

La Brea is made from 100% Navajo-Churro wool. It is a deep, dark brown — nearly black — flecked with white. The contrast between the colors adds depth and intrigue to any project. Navajo-Churro sheep are a dual-coated breed with a long, hairy outer coat and shorter, downy under coat. La Brea  blends both coats together into a single-ply yarn. We refer to this style of yarn as “lopi style” because it is the same technique used to make Icelandic lopi yarn from dual-coated Icelandic sheep.

Lopi spun for weaving

Rugged and fuzzy, best suited for weaving and outerwear.

100% Navajo-Churro

3 oz =175 yds

Recommended needle US 6 (4mm)

Handwash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.